Greg Cartmell

The Cuban Cigar Smoking Man Painting (New Piece)

Every Wednesday my nephew gets me one way or another. He’s always sending me memes, gifs, and other fun social postings provide a quick chuckle or two to get me through the day.

These typically come on hump day, which couldn’t be a more perfect day to send them, lol.

Given that the work week is just about half over,  I figured I’d release this week’s latest from the Miami Series.

I spent a significant amount of time just observing all the wise old Cuban men hanging around Little Havana. Given that I’m not a shy guy (I know what you’re thinking, shocker right) I like to mingle with the locals.

In doing so, I had some wonderful conversations with a couple of old men who came over from Cuba. They were hanging out at one of the cigar shops by the Cuban Art Museum and the Domino Park.

It was a great experience speaking with these men. If I learn something new from someone that’s older and wiser than myself, then I consider it a win.

This piece is titled, “Mr.Cuban Cigar” and it’s an 11″ x 14″ watercolor on 300lb high-quality paper.

The piece is for sale – click here to check it out.

Here’s a quick image of it…

Also, I’d like to share this recent plant piece that I had fun painting. It’s called “Mary Jane” and the leaves couldn’t have screamed “paint me” any louder.

It too is a 11×14 watercolor. Check that out here.

Lastly, I’ve started sharing my views on some artists. Those showcased, I respect the heck out of. Being a professional painting is a never-ending learning process. I’ve learned from a lot of artists. One I admire is right here – Van Gogh – read my blog post on him if interested. He was insane, no doubt about that!

Have a good hump day.

Back to the easel…