Greg Cartmell

One Thing I Do Daily And My Claude Monet Artist Review

Happy Tuesday everyone! I do one thing every single day and most likely don’t think they have the time to do so or they just choose not to.

I’ll get to that soon, but first, I’ve gotta tell you how excited I am that spring is officially here!

I’m itching to start painting on location again.

I’ve got a couple of things to share with you today.

First things first, I’m a huge fan of Claude Monet and the work that he’s done.

So much that I wanted to recognize him and share some information about the artist and his work. Check out the blog post below which shares some information on his work.

Next up, I just launched this new piece which is part of the Miami Series. It’s an 11×14 watercolor on paper.

I have to get my hands dirty and dive into some corporate commissioned projects this week, so these types of quick release sketches are going to have to take a back seat for the rest of the week.

Now, wanna hear something that I do everyday? I spend time connecting with nature, every single day.

I wish you a great day and I encourage you to spend some time to connect with nature if you can today. Even if it’s just listening to the birds for 5 minutes while sipping your coffee. It’s a game changer if you’re not appreciating it, trust me.

Life is too fast, and taking the time to smell the flowers, hear the birds chirp, or just admire the foliage can be life-changing when appreciated consistently.

When you can’t admire all that during the cold winter months, you can always admire a landscape painting in the comfort of your home.

Have a positive day.