Welcome to the Art Gallery & Online Store

Hi, my name is Greg Cartmell and I’m the owner of the Cartmell Gallery and GregCartmell.com. I wanted to just say a quick hello and thank you for stopping by the site. Here’s a little background about me…I was born and raised in America’s Hometown of Plymouth, MA and I relocated to Merdian, Mississippi years ago. I spend most of my days painting my local surroundings and I enjoy every minute of it.

When I’m not on location, I can be found teaching many of my inspiring art students and creating custom knives for many collectors. If you’re an aspiring artist, a fine art fan or custom knife collector please subscribe and begin to enjoy various updates! Thanks again for stopping by and please feel free to browse below for my latest updates. All product updates can be found within the online shop where you can buy art online.


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Original Artwork, Giclées and Custom Art Knives

Original Paintings & Unveiling

Small to medium sized paintings are created on a daily basis. Most often, on location and early in the morning. Check out the “daily paintings”, where I attempt to capture my surroundings and enjoy the moment doing so! I send these out via email to my subscribers, first thing in the morning. Please subscribe for notification. All pieces are unveiled via email and are all for sale. A vast selection of the original fine art is released via email. The online art gallery consists of pieces using various types of media done on canvas, 140-lb watercolor paper, canvas panels and more. For the beginner and serious collectors, Video tips on collecting art and how to care for your artwork are provided to our subscribers. These tips get deployed through out the week as I create them to all subscribers. Avid fine art collectors communicate with me through this on a daily basis.

Cartmell Custom Knives Collection & Online Store

A vast selection of custom knives for everyday use as well as personalized custom kitchen knives fit for any cooking enthusiast or professional chef. Videos displaying the knife creation process in the workshop as well. All types of unique and exotic materials are used to create a knife like non-other in the world. Subscribers receive up-to-date videos and knifeworks as they are released.

Live Painting Workshops For Art Students

Live painting and art student workshops for all inspiring artists. Online video lessons and in-depth critique chat sessions are available to our members. A unique 1-on-1 online lesson and painting critique make the online class aspect a memorable experience. Live workshops all over the South are released here. Subscribers are notified when new classes are schedule.

Local Charity Support & Contributions

Greg Cartmell is a proud contributor of many organizations.